Expert Consultants

Our consultants provide a range of services dependent on your needs. We have diverse knowledge and skills within the workplace Workers Compensation environment including Workers Compensation insurance, premium assessments and control, claims and injury management, return to work programs and risk mitigation programs related to workplace health and safety.

Our expert consultants partner with you to help you achieve your Workers Compensation and Workplace Health & Safety goals.

Dedicated specialists

The Safe Scope team are your dedicated specialists who can effectively work with your internal and external stakeholders to provide cost effective end to end Workers Compensation and WH&S solutions. We have over a decade of experience in the Workers Compensation industry, where we’ve worked with companies to improve their Workers’ Compensation outcomes and costs.

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop bespoke solutions for our clients, regardless of their business type, size or industry.


Knowledge and Experience

Our Safe Scope consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping businesses strategically manage their Workers Compensation and Workplace Health & Safety programs across all states. Our team are well versed in the legislative requirements in all states including policy terms and conditions, drivers of premium calculations and how they can be controlled. Additional skills include risk analysis, risk mitigation strategies, business continuity, premium and cost forecasting, agent management and training for key supervisors and managers.

When claims do occur, our team can assist throughout the process from claim reporting, effective injury management and treatment plans, return to work programs, to mediation and conciliation meetings if required. Safe Scope partner with businesses to achieve their Workers Compensations goals.

"[the Safe Scope team] has surpassed our expectations, engaging and understanding the unique nuances of our business. Mark and his team continue to provide a personalised, responsive service that has seen our performance improve dramatically." 

Susan Rundle, Oncall Group Australia. 

"Appreciate the advice, honest conversations and the no “BS” approach in dealing with some of our concerns, it has been a great working relationship that I’m sure we will continue moving forward, thank you again Tash."

Andrew Wood, Uhaul Australia